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C.A. (Catherine Anne) Klug was born on April 29, 1991 in Mississauga, Ontario, and she grew up in Cambridge. She is younger than her only sibling, a twin sister, by three minutes. Always an avid reader, Catherine began reading street signs and billboards at age 3 and chapter books by age 5. It was also at age 5 that she decided she wanted to try her hand at writing a book. When she was just 10 years old, she got the idea for “The Sought Six” and spent most of her free time after that plotting adventures and writing rough drafts for it, not to mention the countless other story ideas that have entered her mind and stuck over the years.

Growing up, despite her overactive imagination, Catherine was a straight-A student. She went on to study Honours English Language and Literature at Brock University, and worked many odd jobs along the way. After she graduated, she was lucky to be hired on by a local school board, where she still works as a public school librarian.

When she’s not writing (which isn’t often), Catherine enjoys horseback riding, basketball, acting/performing, and she loves traveling and exploring new places. She has a never-ending thirst for a good cup of coffee, and she squeals with delight at every dog she sees.



The Sterling Cone
(The Sought Six Book 1)

5 star rating of The Sterling Cone

Jenna and Hallie, twelve-year-old identical twin sisters, live a fairly normal life. They have a mom, Lou, who is pretty cool as far as moms go. They have four best friends: Alan, Jules, Lindsay, and Thomas. They go to school. They play games. It’s all normal. That is, until it’s not…

When Jenna and Hallie arrive home from school to find a stranger in their kitchen, she tells the twins the truth: they were born in another world called Pawcombe, and it is their birthright (theirs, and their four best friends’) to put an end to the evil man reigning terror over Pawcombe…


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Get your copy of The Sterling Cone!

Get your copy of The Sterling Cone!

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Reviews of The Sterling Cone

Reviews of The Sterling Cone

"A really well-considered, beautifully crafted children's fantasy (perfect for those aged 8+). The author, Catherine Klug, has clearly invested so…



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