Reviews Of The Sought Six Stirling Cone
Reviews Of The Sought Six Stirling Cone
Sought Six Stirling Cone Reviews

Reviews of The Sterling Cone

“A really well-considered, beautifully crafted children’s fantasy (perfect for those aged 8+). The author, Catherine Klug, has clearly invested so much imagination, thought and consideration into every single aspect of her story, leading children off into a fantastical world called Pawcombe, where The Sought Six must overcome challenges, win battles, and discover their true roots.”

“Amazing, magical adventure. It kept me turning pages! If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll adore The Sought Six!”

“I loved the descriptive narrative that this new author used so well ! I felt like I was there with The Sought Six. This novel is well thought out, and written with plenty of adventure for these six friends. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can’t wait to see what C.A. Klug writes next ! It is a brilliant novel for all to read.”

“Follow six friends as they set out on an adventure far from home to a place where they truly come from- another world known as Pawcombe. To save their home they have to summon the courage to battle deadly enemies as they are the only ones who can help. A very enjoyable read for all ages.”

“Purchased “The Sought Six” for a 5th grade mentee through an after school program and he was hooked after the very first chapter! Beautiful storytelling / ability to set the scene / use of imagery. Certainly a great reading level for 5th / 6th graders. A fun book to either read aloud or simply keep turning the pages on. I even got to teach my mentee a little bit about Canadian culture / heritage :-)”

“This reminded me of Bridge to Teriabithia meets Chronicles of Narnia! The storyline and characters had me hooked from the first page and it brought me back to my younger days which gave me all the feels. A wonderful read and another good book for the younger generations if they choose to make this their first read.”

“My kids really liked this book! They said it hooked them in from the first chapter. They want to know if there will be a sequel!
I read it out of curiosity, and I must say I agree with them! It’s vivid and imaginative and I think children will really love it. Not to mention… one of the characters is named after me!! There is sword fighting sure, but nothing you wouldn’t find in a Narnia book. We highly recommend!!!!”

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